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We Have  New Website!

This is a brand new website; I am so excited!  When I started Zone4 in 2005 I was just coming out of a 25 year run in the software industry so being shy on resources and rich with time, I hand coded the website.  It was a lot of fun and served its purpose for quite a few years, with some tweaking and minor content updates along the way.   Then as it became sadly antiquated technologically, as well as in style and content, every winter I swore that I was going to update it, but alas, there was always too much “real” work to do or other shinier pursuits to chase.  Well finally this winter I asked for help and voilà, it seems like there is actually a Zone4 website out in the world that does not require a litany of apologies.

And it has a blog!  I am very excited about having a blog.  Now I guess I am going to have to write stuff on a regular basis or look like a loser.   I actually like to write but have never been able to dive into really becoming a blogger so just having a little blog attached to this website suits me.  I do write a column for a our monthly local newspaper called Garden Therapy,  so I seeded this blog with some past columns just so this first post doesn’t feel so lonely.  One problem with my newspaper column is that even though it is online,, most of my readers only view it in its 8.5×11 hard copy format.   As a result I don’t get any feedback or generate discussions unless I someone comments when I run into them at the post office (we are very rural) or at some fabulous event.  So I hope that you do comment so I don’t always feel like I am talking to myself.

Thanks for visiting!


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