Mountain Top Perch

A Cabin Castle in the Catskills

The canvas for this project was carved our of ledge on the side of a mountain in the Catskills. The excavator had to blast to create the space, using the blasted rock to create the enormous retaining walls that provide the shelves for the beautiful log home, gardens and amazing views.

The project included a large blue stone patio integrated into a deck for a dining and lounging area with a fire pit. There is a stroll garden that traverses the 2 level garden leading through mass plantings of perennials and grasses on the upper level and trees and shrubs on the lower level. The stroll passes by a destination pergola with a 3 person swing and then by a set of native stone steps to return to the patio. You can also continue on through a rock garden hugging the side of the cliff-like retaining wall to a grassy knoll leading up to the parking court.