High Design Contemporary Farmstead

Contemporary, Dramatic and Grand

This project started as a maintenance job and has expanded into numerous challenging and exciting projects over the past few years.  We started with revamping the walled gardens, saving only some lilies; all the plantings we added are native just for fun.

Next we tackled the overgrown rugosa garden and transformed it into the rugosa berms adding boulders and gravel paths to give it more architecture and drainage.  The grass bed next to the garage barns and the hedge between the parking court and courtyard got makeovers.  We replaced the spirea hedge with Little Devil ninebarks (Physocarpus opulifolia ‘Little Devil’);  it was an experiment that I think turned out really well.

Finally we developed the landscaping around the new guest house and next to the enhanced original barn.  These plantings were just done in the later summer of 2018 so I will post better versions after they have grown in.