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Central Catskill Chamber of Commerce

Spring 2014

Business of the Year

Every year our local chamber of commerce, The Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce, issues awards to a few of its members. These awards sometimes have a focus on a certain industry like tourism or communications but in 2014 the awards were more general. Zone4 Landscapes was awarded The Business of the Year at the annual awards ceremony in May of 2014. I was particularly thrilled to receive this acknowledgement as the recipients are usually businesses that attract tourism or have created many jobs. Being a small boutique service business, I was very excited to have been noticed and thought worthy of the award. I believe the recognition came from our contributions to community projects over the past few years. I think that is wonderful because I really enjoy getting the opportunity to be able to do design for and contribute to the beauty of our communities.

Award Dinner




Association of Professional Landscape Designer - New York Chapter

Winter 2014

apld interview


Upstate House

Fall 2013

Fall 2013 - Upstate House


Catskill Mountain News 

January 2007

Every year the Catskill Mountain news runs a people's choice contest called the "Best Service Awards" which we won last year in our first year of business.  In 2007 we tied for first with one of the prominent garden centers in the area.  We were still so busy during the voting that we were not paying attention. If either Nat or I had voted for ourselves we would have won.


April 2005

January 2006


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