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How We Work
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Consultation & Contract: We come and talk with you and discuss your needs, likes and dislikes and walk around your property to see whatís what.
Site Analysis: We measure the area you want to landscape and make a site plan in AutoCAD (thatís a computer program).
Creative Concepts: We come up with some ideas based on the consultation, the site, our research, experience and creativity and put it on paper.
Refine the Design: Our concepts and basic design are discussed and we come to an agreement on specifics and parameters of a project.
Detail Design: After the specifics of a project are decided, a detailed design (and perhaps construction plan) is created including a plant/item list.
Acquire Materials: We find the plants and other materials specified in the design. This can involve speaking to and visiting numerous suppliers and perhaps finding new ones.
Site Preparation: Depending on the project and site we may need to prune, cleanup, remove sod and prepare beds, augment the soil, etc.
Installation: We put in plants and hardscaping materials using professionally accepted best practices either ourselves or using a specialist for a particular aspect of the project.
Maintenance: We offer and actually prefer to maintain gardens that we install. Although most everyone wants a low to "no" maintenance garden, this is not really possible as gardens are ever changing and evolving (unless there are not plants!). A trained eye and knowledge of what is normal and expected and how to keep the garden healthy and looking good as it matures will assure much better results over time. We believe that it is well worth the expense to protect your initial investment and keep you property looking its best.

News/Press Contact Us Case Studies About Us How We Work Gallery