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Made in Shade – Getting Started

Design, Garden Therapy Column, General Philosophy

This winter I am working on designs for the upcoming season and attending seminars and lectures here and there (busy and happy).   A number of my upcoming projects involve shady areas, so I have been thinking about shade gardens a lot.  I also had the pleasure of hearing Ken Druse, one the shade garden gurus, […]

New Website – New Blog

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We Have  New Website! This is a brand new website; I am so excited!  When I started Zone4 in 2005 I was just coming out of a 25 year run in the software industry so being shy on resources and rich with time, I hand coded the website.  It was a lot of fun and […]

Balance – The Ongoing Struggle

Design, Garden Therapy Column, General Philosophy

Garden Therapy Column – September 2018 Balance is one of those “mushy” topics that can be tricky to discuss. It has very different colors in different contexts.  While it is pretty clear when trying to stay on the beam or wire, in other scenarios it can be much more subjective.  Struggling for a little balance […]