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Case Studies
It is a lot of work to create a case study. I get so engrossed and busy during "the season", which can be from April through November here in the Catskills, that I forget to take pictures to capture the progression of the project.  I am damned and determined to get better at it so I can add some new case studies. The three that are here are from our first 2 years of work and we have done some cool things since then and these gardens have matured a lot and this should be reflected in the  studies.

Mel's Cabin Garden This is the story of my saga with my log home on the hill.  It  starts with the blank slate in 2001 and ends in January 2006.  It shows the evolution of a landscape and garden that is truly a labor of love.  It was not "designed" in the sense that I design solutions for clients.  It was before I had any formal training so I didn't lay it out with AutoCAD and figure out all of the plantings ahead of time.  It was however, thought out and designed in my head with larger brush strokes.  Any garden grows and changes over time and most gardeners are constantly making changes and improvements.  Well, my garden has seen more changes than Madonna and continues to evolve.  It provides a good example of how a garden evolves and I have more photos of it than any of my clients as I am constantly in awe of what it does and can't keep my hand off the camera.  I really need to update it but for now this will have to do.
Village Cottage When I first saw this recently renovated cottage in early 2006 it was standing on a lot of exposed subsoil and gravel, barely even a weed.   During the renovation the contractor had cleared the entire property and leveled it.  Needless to say that was quite exciting as we rarely get such a clean canvass as a starting point and a level one at that (quite unusual in our neck of the woods).   In addition, the client is  lovely, open-minded and adventurous.  Oh and she also has great taste.  

I am considering using this property and case study  to get certified with the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, a national organization devoted to advancing landscape design as an independent profession and to promote the recognition of landscape designers as highly qualified, dedicated professionals.  The site has to have been in place for 4 years so I am just getting there with this project.  It will be a lot of work but a nice affirmation of my devotion to the profession.

Leo Park

It may sound odd to some but to these clients it is an expression of love and the desire to have their adored canine family close to them for ever more in the lovely form of a garden.  The challenge was to transform the side of the hill next to the house, bordered by the driveway into a set of garden beds, each that would also act as the final resting place for one of their beloved Leonbergers.  They raise Leonbergers which is a very special breed of dog that is not only big and beautiful but also especially warm and loveable.   The garden became "Leo Park".

Silver, Gold & Wine Mixed Border

This grand old  Victorian home in the village stands on a corner with a vacant lot between it and the adjacent house.  A plan was needed to incorporate the lot into an overall scheme to bring the spaces together.  The highest priority was to create a screening border between the street and the vacant lot.  We provided a plan for the entire property to be completed in a series of projects over several years.  The case study includes the master plan and the specifics of the first project.

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